About Us

The Upwey Township Group is a group of volunteers who have an interest in the goings-on in the suburb of Upwey 3158, Victoria, Australia.

The Upwey Township Group (UTG) was formerly the Upwey Village Consultative Committee (UVCC) which was started in the late 1980’s, led by Peter Marke. The main purpose of the UVCC was to steer the Shire in providing money allocations for Upwey and to prioritise works to be done.  In 2007, the Upwey Traders Group merged with the UVCC to form the Upwey Township Group.

As well as providing an important link to the community for the Shire, UTG also now initiates projects and presents recommendations (backed by research, analysis, implementation costings and other considerations) to the Shire.

The group applies for grants at all levels of government and the private sector, as well as raising funds for itself and small projects.  Throughout its history, the focus has been on benefiting Upwey, and all the projects have been initiated and delivered through the efforts and time of local community volunteers.

What have we achieved?

  • The Village Green and playground
  • Initiation and co-ordination of the Upwey Billycart Races
  • Murals on the side of Bendigo Community Bank
  • Flagpole and roundabout beautification
  • Cleaning of the Skate Park
  • Additional parking ares
  • Significant reduction in graffiti